JMK makes a really awesome product.
These skates are scary to learn but I’ve come to have a lot of trust and faith in the build quality to keep me safe! They’ve thought of everything and really built a product that will last! Not to mention the pro skaters for JMK have been super helpful in responding to my messages and helping me learn how to get better.

Fantastic company, great product. 💯💯💯

Clarke Surrey
JMKRIDE Google Review

I got a pair of cheap free skates for my son's 11th birthday. He loved riding them so much he wanted to get a better pair. After watching all the helpful videos JMK put together on learning how to ride and doing tricks he wanted a pair of JMK's.

He LOVES his new skates!

The process of customizing your own pair of skates was simple and awesome. Now my son is tearing up the skate park in style. These skates are a little bigger than the cheap versions, but they ride sooo smooth and look super sweet. They're head turners and everyone at the skate park love watch him shred turns and nailing his drop ins.

Jason Frawley
JMKRIDE Google Review

Designed by the Best Freeskaters.

Exceptional Quality. Superior Ride. The best choice for beginners and experts alike.

Meticulously Designed.

Our skate's design is the product of three years of design iteration and consultation by expert freeskaters around the world. We created a skate that is easier to learn on, and better for advanced tricks. Our design is overall superior for beginners and experts alike.

Innovative Technology.

Our rounded Proformance wheels are a unique innovation. They give our skates that signature smooth and flowy feeling. Think surfing meets rollerblading, and you'd be getting close.

Durable and Long Lasting.

Our trucks are made from super-durable steel painted with beautiful sleek colors. The high-strength steel lowers the skate's center of mass, giving the skate enhanced stability, critical for speeds and bumpy roads.

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